(1931 – 2008) The purpose of this blog is to pay tribute to an old friend and colleague, Bruce Huggett. Among his many personable qualities, Bruce was well known for his dependability, loyalty and integrity. I believe I met Bruce for the first time when I joined the National Crime Authority (NCA) in June 1985. … Read more


Serniki mass grave headstone – December 1992 (photo taken by author) Between 1987 and 1993 the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) carried out investigations into allegations that Nazi collaborators and mass killers had migrated Australia following the end of the Second World War. During those investigations the SIU undertook the exhumation of the human remains of … Read more


The book launch for “Justice and War Crimes” was held on Sunday 17 December 2023 in Sydney. The successful event was live streamed and a video recording is now available: I invite you to watch the video and I’m happy to receive any comments you may wish to make about the book launch, or … Read more


During my work with the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) – NAZI war Crimes Investigations – I assisted in the search for relevant World War II documents in various archives throughout the world. One very memorable episode involved gaining access to the Secret Military Archives in Prague in March 1990. The SIU was the first war … Read more


‘Justice and War Crimes’ has been released as an eBook. It is available on Kindle through Amazon Australia for $6.99

Israel-Hamas War

On 9 November Graham co-signed an opinion piece “International justice must serve victims of Israel-Hamas war atrocities” which was published on the Politico website: Having regard to Graham’s criticisms of Carla Del Ponte in “Justice and War Crimes” readers might be surprised that he would co-sign the op ed piece. Graham decided to do … Read more


NAZIS IN AUSTRALIA There is an area of Australian legal history which, outside academic circles, remains largely unknown to current generations of Australians. It is not taught at schools or universities but is an area that should generate pride in anyone interested in the rule of law and bringing war criminals to justice. Having regard … Read more

Why does Australia need a dedicated war crimes investigation unit?

Above Photo – Graham with US Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, in June 1994. Secretary Christopher was a strong supporter of the investigation of war crimes Experience has shown that Australia’s national police force – the Australian Federal Police (AFP) – is incapable of completing war crimes investigations to the point where a prosecution can … Read more