Following the closure of the SIU, from 1994 to 2004 I served as the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), based in The Hague. My book ‘Justice and War Crimes’, documents how I ended up in The Hague and details the Tribunal’s outstanding achievements during those ten years.

The ICTY Judges. Graham (far right – front row) with the 11 ICTY judges, Prosecutor Richard Goldstone (far left – front row) and the Registrar (Dorothee de Sampayo – third from left back row). The Judges: front row from the left: Gabrielle Kirk McDonald (USA); Antonio (Nino) Cassese (President); Elizabeth Odio Benito (Costa Rica). Middle row from left – behind Judges McDonald and Cassese – Jules Deschênes (Canada); Rustam S. Sidhwa (Pakistan); Lal Chand Vohrah (Malaysia) and Sir Ninian Stephen (Australia). Back row from left: Adolphus Godwin Karibi-Whyte (Nigeria); Georges Michel Abi-Saab (Egypt); Haopei Li (China) and Claude Jorda (France) – 1995.