My venture into International Criminal Law

In 1988 I left the NCA and joined the Special Investigations Unit (SIU – Nazi war criminals in Australia) as its Deputy Director. This event was due to the late Robert (Bob) Greenwood QC. I met Bob when he was appointed for a twelve month period in 1986 as an acting Member of the NCA. We worked very closely together on the successful ‘Silo’ reference. I was the team leader of that investigation. As a result we became very good friends.

At the end of his term at the NCA, Bob was appointed Director of the newly established SIU in 1987. Initially I declined his offer to join him as his deputy but a year later I accepted his offer.

Thus began my venture into international criminal law. At the end of Bob’s four year contract he left the SIU and I became the Unit’s Director in 1991. I remained in that position until January 1994 when the SIU closed its doors for the last time.

I am currently editing my second book – NAZI Investigations in Australia – detailing the achievements of the SIU.